Chatfield Corners

Stay safe and avoid the expense and mess of a burst pipe.  Call 811 a few days before you plan to start digging to have someone come out and locate any underground lines.  

Chatfield Corners Owners' Association Design Review

The Design Review function for new homes in Chatfield Corners is managed by Leah Mayer with LKSM Design, PC. Please contact Leah at or by phone at (970) 376-6623 with questions and for additional information.  Please complete and email the Design Review Submittal Form-New Homes below for new homes to Leah to begin the review process.  Current design review fees and deposits are listed on the Design Review Submittal Form and Application.  Please contact Leah Mayer or Beth Johnston with any questions.

For minor additions and alterations, such as fences, sheds, painting or remodels, please complete the Design Review Submittal Form - minor additions/alterations below.  Please email the completed form to or fax the form to (970) 926-6040.  If you have any questions, please email Beth or call (970) 926-6060, extension 1.  The request will be reviewed by the Board to determine if approval is granted.  No construction or painting can begin until there is approval from the Design Review Board.

** All construction including fences, out buildings and remodels must to be approved by the Design Review Board.  This also includes requests for paint color choices and other minor alterations or additions.